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24 Assets - Template made for Notion

"As I was searching for a business management template today I saw your name and I was like "Oh Great! I like this guy's work!". So I knew I was going to buy it immediately. I am using 24 for a non-profit to help illiterate people of all ages learn to read and write [...]"

J.T., PhD

This template is based on the book and principles "24 Assets" by Daniel Priestley. It is a comprehensive business management system to mindfully scale your business, and increase its valuation and attractiveness to investors, potential buyers, target customers, and team members.

Key benefits

  1. This is a purpose-built business development/management system to grow your business (or keep it small and fortify its assets). It follows the 24 Assets framework, which means that it is a good fit for you if you intend to commit to this framework for managing your daily operations and decisions of the business.
  2. It is built in Notion (and other platforms coming soon!), which makes the system completely customizable to your needs if needed.
  3. Focus on developing your 24 assets by tracking projects, tasks, content & knowledge management, and interactions with your network through the CRM system (customer relationships management).
  4. Align your team in one direction through this centralized, purposeful system. Talented teams follow clear principles and systems while trusting their talent and intuition when needed in unpredictable and novel situations.
  5. Develop your source of truth for all things internal operations and team collaboration. This creates clarity around your business and eradicates hyperactive hive-mind behavior.

I hope this system can provide true value for your business and help you foster the 24 assets to strengthen your position in the market and life. For any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

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24 Assets - Template made for Notion

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